Who We Are

Ron Gibson, Owner

Advanced Static Control Consulting was formed to provide electrostatic services to industry that include, customized ESD training, product and material testing and consulting services.

Ronald J. Gibson is the President of Advanced Static Control Consulting and has been actively involved in the electrostatics field since 1987.

Work Experience

Ron worked for IBM and Celestica (an IBM spin-off company) for 31 years.


  • Co-authored IBM’s initial factory ESD standards
  • Authored IBM’s first standard for the evaluation of packaging materials for ESD sensitive products
  • Tested and approved ESD products and materials used by IBM and it’s suppliers
  • Established IBM’s first ESD service offering to external companies

Celestica Corporation:

  • Corporate ESD Control Program Manager for Celestica Corporation from 1994 through 2010.
  • Established the ESD control programs for all manufacturing sites worldwide.
  • Prepared all locations for certification to ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Tested and qualified the ESD control products and materials used by Celestica
  • Provided ESD consulting and testing services to general industry through Celestica’s Engineering Services Organization

Industry Standards Participation

ESD Association

  • Chair of TAS (Technical and Administrative Support Committee)
  • Standards Chairman – 1997-2007

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

  • Chair of the Standards Council of Canada’s mirror committee for TC101
  • Represented Canada as a technical expert to TC101 working groups 1992-2012
  • Team Leader for the development of IEC 61340-5-1:2007 and IEC 61340-5-2: 2007
  • Convenor of Working Group 5 – Protection of electronic devices against static electricity


  • NARTE – Certified ESD Engineer
  • ESD Association – Certified ESD Program Manager
  • ESD Association – Certified ESD Program Manager Instructor
  • Reliability Center of Japan (RCJ) – Chief ESD Coordinator

Other Accomplishments:

  • Elected member of the Board of the ESD Association 1993-1998
  • Co-general chair EOS/ESD Symposium – 1995
  • Vice-president of the ESD Association 1994-1995
  • President of ESDA 1996-1997
  • Senior Vice-president and Secretary to the Board of Directors – 1998
  • Co-developer of the ESD Association’s Facility Certification Program
  • Developer of the ESD Associations Program Manager Certification program
  • ESD Program Manager of the first site in the world certified to ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • EOS/ESD Symposium Technical Program Committee member – Factory and Materials
  • Technical Advisor to the IPC in the development of IPC DVD-74C


  • Received the ESD Association’s highest award in 2000 – Outstanding Contributions Award
  • Lifetime member of the ESD Association
  • Received the IEC 1906 Award in 2012 which “recognizes exceptional and recent achievement, in a project or other specific contribution, related to the activities of the IEC and which contributes in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission.”

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