ESD Process Analysis

How do you answer the following question posed by your customer? “I have a new product that I would like you to produce but this product contains some very ESD sensitive devices. Is your ESD process capable of safely handling these new devices and if so can you prove it?”

This question is being asked more and more often these days. If you can’t answer “yes” to this question where do you go for help? Industry standards organizations have not published any guidance documents. Advanced Static Control Consulting developed new measurement techniques, has the experience and has the equipment to fully analyze your existing process. We will be able to tell you which ESD discharge models are present in your facility and what ESD sensitivity levels you can safely handle. We will also make improvement recommendations to help make your installed ESD program as robust as it can be.

Remember, the ESD discharge model that you should be worried about is the one that is damaging your devices.

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